Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Someone Like You

sometimes.. mmg love last till the end..
but the one yg sucks lah...
yang temu kan kte to the last one..
that will make it to the end..

Monday, October 10, 2011


Yaey ! iRa Jo dah graduate !

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

choclate chip cookies

haha.... boleh laa...
ptg td dok golek2 dlm bilik..then my sis msuk bilik & ckp "kak yah2..! jom wat cookies !"
adoi..malasss laa...dah laa ngah pose ni... huu

mule2 cm malas..but then, my mom msuk bilik n suh tlg gak my sis..ceyh~
bukan ape..ckp je tlg tp last2..aku yg wat cookies tu sowang2..!

so...godek punye godek.. siap jugak cookies nye..tp tak tau le sdap or tak kann.. coz aku tak pnah wat.. slalu nye wat cake & cupcakes je..tak pun puding....

mse ngah msk tu..cousin plak dtg so..terpakse layan kjap..terlupe cookies.. nsib baek tak hanguss..hahahaha...
tp cm overcooked ckit..uhuhu..

don't judged a cookie by it's cover babe..! haha

bak kate my Ahmad..
"Sdapp wwoooo....."

hehe..so aku post laah my first choclate chips cookies di bloggy..

-my first-

takpe..next time aku wat lg..mst lg comel..!!



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bake !

ari ni...bz gak ah.. wat keje2 rumah..
lpas tu..pnat gler...
pengsan kjap..tgk spongebob..hiburkan hati.. haha

then..tukar2 channel... bese laa... hobi~ (=_=")

tgk 707 = TLC

Rachel Allen Bake !

die ajar aku wat lemon cupcakes..
tp kat umah takde lemon..so aku wat vanilla cupcakes with red polka dots.. aha..!



Monday, July 25, 2011


semalam...my family n I pg kl..to pick up my sec. bro kat UM..die dah abes blaja..
so along the way was quite mendung...hujan... mmg sejukk laa....
n bnyk gak konvoi superbike.. my ahmad pun berkonvoi gak smlm but geng die pg ke arah utara..

ok...so... mse kteowg blik ke ipoh tu... there was 2 tragic accident tau... at the other side of the highway laa...menuju ke kl..

gosh.. there was a bike kat tgh2 highway.. kereta yg berhenti mengejut kat mtr tu..kne langgar dr blkang..n it continued until 7-8 cars... it was reallly scary..plus..it was raining.. that's why laa dpe tak sedar keta kat depan tu..ish...

blik je umah.. tgk berita.. we find out yg mamat mtr tu..terlanggar blkang 1 car..& termasuk bwah bas.. gosh~ and the bus driver tak prasan so he kept on driving until rse cm semacm kat bwah bas..

die berhenti n tgk kat bwah bas..tgk ade orang tersangkut... nauzubillah~

horror tahu tak..!

risau laa..... risau kat ahmad......


Saturday, July 23, 2011


it's raining~~ oyeah~ it raining~~

bila hujan..mule laa malas nk bgun dr katil yg empuk.. comforter yg comfy..
oh.... best nye~~


Friday, July 22, 2011


like seriuosly... panas koottt cuace skrang nie..
aahhh... i rather stay at home...than kluar pg jalan2 or whatever..

cool ryte this pic.. ahahahaha... as if the van is made up of ice cream... oh..! heaven..!

well.... aku tak leh pg mne2 yg takde kipas..sish.. klu tak..merah laa bdn aku.. uhuhu...
there's a study tau.. which.. eczema can be triggered by the weather conditions..and it will make the person..very stress & grumpy..

trust me.. i've been through that situation..a lot....................

toodles~ (^_^)

Monday, July 18, 2011


Withdraw = RM150

Ink Catrigde : Rm50
Topup both hp : RM40

Td pegi Fresh Bakery :
  • Kaya bun : Rm1
  • Butter bun : Rm1
  • Choclate bun : Rm1
Td pegi Billion beli :
  • Bliss : Rm4
  • Shower cream : Rm10
  • panty liners : Rm5
Balance = Rm38



mane cukup nk g shopping lg~

Sunday, July 17, 2011

lazy Sunday

oooohhhhh gosh~
gle malas aku ari ni... pagi td nk bgun pun..stil pk..klu bgun pun nk wat ape.. haish.. i really need to "buang" tabiat aku yg makin hari makin malas nie... uhuhu...

maybe aku makin malas coz i didn't get the UPU...


why~~~~~ uhuk..uhuk..

im so stressed out.. ntah..mcm nk nanges pun ade...
fucking 3.8 cgpa.. eerrggghhhh..!

ok2...mencarut pulak aku..huu

sorry bloggy~~

nevermind.. aku dah apply e-rayuan tu.. i hope UPU would consider my application..
dalam berita that day pun dah ckp.. bumiputra yg layak ade lg 10ribu.. haish.. & im one of them lah..! sish~~


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Klinik Kesihatan

Assalamualaikum .... ohh..bloggy...dah lame tak update..huhu
bukan ape..slalu on9 fb je..takpun tumblr..
Ari ni..aku g tman parents aku ke Klinik Kesihatan Greentown, Ipoh.. (haa..nme penuh aku tulis)

Pg chek-up tuk jemaah haji.. insyaallah bulan 10 ni.. after aku & Abg aku convo.. parents aku pg laa menunaikan haji... Mama got the green tag : so sgt shat laa.......... but Abah got the yellow tag : need medications laaaa.... (Diabetes Mellitus & dyspholipid = cholestrol)


Mama was so happy she got green... haha..
My sis plak tak abes2 nyanyi "black & yellow..black & yellow" kat Abah.. haha


tp lame gle tunggu..hadoi.. pkul 12 lbih bru balik.. sish..

Now i know why some of the patients kat klinik Tupai dlu can be soooo fucking grumpy & nk marah2... bcoz they dah tggu lame for doc tuk chek & give the prescription.. & then kne tggu tuk amik their meds kat pharmacy.. after that.. bru blh dpt MC kannnn... Hadoi....


Aku rela p private klinik.. tp bile dpt bill.. rase cm nk maki je kan.. ahak..

till then.. toodless...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

job ?

wei.. dah nk akhir bulan jun dah pun.. aku still duk umah mcm org malas & menganggur plak..! hadoi.. padahal..bukan nye tak blh p cr keje kan.. blh je p private hsptal & antar resume aku yg dah siap print tu.. huuu... ntah la....

niat di hati nk smbung degree..tp..ntah laa... naik fed up pun ade ngn Board of Pharmacy ni.. xnak bg peluang kat diploma student.. fishhh...

Nk keje..tp abah kate. . "alaa.. duk laa umah dlu.. rehat2.."

huhu...dah puas rehat dah nie.. nk gak rase duit gaji RM1400~RM1800 tu abah... blh shopping..! hee.... ^_^

ooiiii...bosan nye.....!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011


aku bru lpas chatting ngn kawan dr Taiping..a farmasi staff.. die crte.. pmpuan nie..klau dah merajuk..susah nk pujuk.. tp die slalu sabar je pujuk gf die.. sayang sgt3 dah kate nye.. & rancang nk kahwin next year.. insyaallah laa.....

well...it makes me feel happy but at the same time.. i wish i could have the same thing but.. not all guys are the same.. & i wouldn't want that to happen either..

maybe we need to go through many kinds of guys/girls in life to be with the right person..

i've been with lots of wrong guys.. but i'll never regret it.. they have teach me a lot of things in life..& be more matured..

well..i hope i am... haha..

Friday, June 3, 2011


best nye tgk kapel2 bertunang....
nak bertunang jugak~

Saturday, May 21, 2011


i need to get a life !

Sunday, May 15, 2011

new chapter

i've officially finish my studies as a Diploma in Pharmacy student..

gosh~ mase mmg cepat tinggalkan kte kann...
dah mcm2 mende yg aku tempuhi within this wonderful & sad 3 years..
its the end of my diploma journey..
next.. its the beginning of a new world..

lets juz see what's coming...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i'm not being ironic..

news flash !

gosh~ it's getting hottttteerrrrrr......
pemanasan global sungguh..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


gosh.. two sets of OSPE dah pun selamat diselesaikan......
relieve sgt2... although the first sets of OSPE agak MENDUKACITAKAN aku... huu.. susah..lol..
dgn tgn tergetar2 nk jwab each station within 5minutes.. huh..!


alhamdulillah dah abess... yaey~ ^_^

so tggl 1 more written paper that will be held in the famous MULTI PURPOSE HALL..
huu...aku akan bertarung for 2hours for the last time.. hoh..
that's juz sound ironic .. hahaha..

whatever.. i really missed my college frens & it felt soo...best glerr.... when dapat hangout together after a long.. and hectic..& stress day of work mase practical.. but it was fun..!

i am starting to missed TAIPING.. lol..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

good morning

good morning people..
well i've finished my MUET exam yesterday..it was a relieve..! seriously..
although "he" thinks that it is not that important..,it is still important to me..
so thank you for not giving me the support that i've always gave you my dear.

owh..what the heck... i've been so used with ur attitude.. always leaving me behind..
sometimes i don't even know who u are to me.. And WHO AM I TO U..?
i really miss the old days..
sometimes i wished i never knew u..so that i wouldn't get hurt again..

it has been about a month that we haven't see each other..
ur always bz..& im always free..
maybe thats why i felt so fuckup..
maybe i need to be busier than u..
so i can forget bout u for a while..

or maybe i should left u..
but i still love u my dear..

it's Sunday..
i'd thought of going out for breakfast with u..
but u still must be sleeping..
or u would reply..
"i have some other thing to do today"

so i won't ask u out..
coz i don't want to be hurt..

i'm trying to ignore u my dear..
i hope we can still be together..
even though i walk in ur shadows..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello Nouvo LC..

memang aku ngah expecting mtr baru from abah..but not this soon..!
i didn't even get the chance to say goobye kat my dear nouvo S..uhuhuhu.. sob..sob..
around 10a.m. td.. yoeb blik ngn mtr.. aku tak usha pun coz ingat kan td die kluar sekejap.. tgk2..bwk blik mtr baru... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......!!

i was soo shocked like.. "waaaahhhh...mtr baru...!! " but at the same time.. "wait.. nouvo aku mane.. uhuhu.... ;c "

erm..takpe laa... nk wat cmne kan.. as if.. mcm la aku tak knal abah.. die suke bg surprise like :

  • "nah.. handphone baru.."
  • "adik..amik kotak kat krusi tu.. tu.. laptop baru awk.."
haih..mcm2 lg laa..... that's why i am so pampered... haha

pape pun..i will miss u my dear nouvo S..
kpd sesape yg angkat mtr berno plat AHE 5673 tu nnt..take care of it ok..huhu
baby aku tu... :c
dlu mtr nie AFX999..but the no dah transfer kat keta baru..

so...thank u abah for pampering me.. haha
sayang abah..!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


cuti dah nk habisssss.....

esk..aku terbang ngn menaiki Alza ke Taiping......


Siapa lahir tahun 80/90an???

EH KENAPA TERSIPU-SIPU NIH? ada orang melamar kah? haha.. nak tau knape bacalah kenangan2 dulu nih. pada budak2 yang lahir tahun 80/90an abes bace mesti tersengih2 lalu tersipu2 korang sume. :) *masih tersengih

- kat skola ade salesman jual buku cerita. ari ni bg list, esok mintak duit beli walaupun cerita buku tu dah tau.

-salesman susu pon camtu gak.

- kat library, budak2 mmg baca buku tp just tengok gamba je. bile ade program Nilam, sebok semua nak pinjam buku.

- RMT kat skola mkn x best, tp yg berduit pon join RMT, x phm....

- pakai pensel box yg bole bukak dpn blkg, pastu ade sharpener kat tgh2 die.

- main lwn pemadam, syg nak guna utk padam. padahal itu fungsi sbnr, utk padam!

- pakai pembaris yg bergerigi, kat dlm ade air pastu ade bende berkilat dlm air tu.

- cikgu pakai pembaris kuning pjg. Ade pemegang kat tgh2 tp x penah nmpk cikgu pgg pon
kat situ.

- bulu ayam jd ramping krn sering dijadikan rotan.

- time pendidikan seni, lukis sume boleh tp bile time kaler sume hampeh. ade gak buat anyaman pakai kertas warna, kolaj la, ape la...

- main game 2D. super contra, super mario, street fighter, sume pakai tape.

- jam tgn Boy London jd idaman, sbb bole tuka2 kaler ikut suhu n cuaca.

- takut BCG tp lepas inject poyo la pulak...

- balik skola beli JoJo xpon Dendang. Tora pon best gak. Beli se mata2 nak mainan, coklat die x mkn pon.
ingat tak? ingat tak? :)

- Kasut berlampu kat tapak, yg iklan die kat tV bole tembak alien tu...

- Siri kartun; power rangers, ultraman, transformers, ninja turtles, Thundercats, maskman,
Gaban dan mcm lg.

jgn lupe sume ni sbb zaman skrg budak2 x smpt lyn bende2 ni..asyik ngadap tv n ps..
kite akan sentiasa berubah, cume asal-usul kite yg permanent.

ni la baru zaman kita kawan2

pas r kt member2 korang....
mesti diorg tersengeh2 bace mende nih.

""i took this blog entry from Mr. Dosh.. coz i think it's so cool when he tells bout the memories of all 80's & 90's childhood.. coz i used to do all of it.. (^_^) ""

thank u Mr. Dosh..!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


cmni la idup.. ble time kerje..nk cuti.. ble dah cuti..kaki tgn sume gatal nk msuk kerje.. hadoiii... bosan weyh duk umah..
cm member aku c cute Bha ckp :

" lg hidup,lg ngelaban !! "

boring..dah 4 hari duk umah.. duk dpn tv je..
ade laa ckit2 wat keje umah.. ronggeng2 naik mtr.. ronda2 drive keta.. bosan weyh..member pun bkn same cuti sem..

cuti seminggu rase cm cuti sebulan..
tgk r nnt, pas start keje blik...mst ngelaban nk cuti..duk umah..golek2 ngn kitty kat atas katil..

bf pun tak cuti..keje... jauh plak di mate..uhuk2...
takpe2..dekat di hati derr....


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not so Sad :(

owh2... lg dua hari je lg i'll be in Klinik Kesihatan Tupai, Taiping..
rse berat plak hati nk tggl kan tmpt kerje tu.. ntah..ble dah bese keje..walaupun pnat.. hati gembira..takpe ... ^_^

but seriously..mmg pnat..

after this...cuti sem for 1 week.., n then back to working in Hospital Taiping..

gosh..! mcm tak cayer je dah sem 6..final year.. owh2..
rase cpt je.. evrything is running..n im trying to catch up all of it by walking.. huhu

well...im juz hoping for the best..
esk ade quiz..Mr Ganesan nk bg..huhu
cuak derr...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

anything can happen

aku baru ushar2 kwn2 lame kat fb.. ushar 1 sweet couple yg aku knal tak lame dlu.. & agak terkejut jgk laa derr... the guy dah kawin..& ade baby.. cepat nye dpt baby.. dah.. aku tanak wat ape2 assumption... (-_-)

the gurl..dah kapel ngn pengkid plak.. haish..
tak tau laa ape nk jd skang nie.. harap simpang laa babe...
disebabkan aku tak brape baek ngn depe..aku pun tak tnye laa nape kann..

isk2.... pape pun boleh jd kann..
hari ni kte ngn die.. esk luse maybe kte milik owg lain plak..

kte merancang..Allah yg menentukan..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wacky wednesday

pergh.. today was freakingly & fucking hectic kootttt.......
rmy gle patient kat klinik..ntah dr mane dtg penduduk2 taiping nie.. isk2..
dr pagi smpy ke ptg.... but tghari td mmg jammed dowh... mcm jammed kat lebuhraye Utare-Selatan mse raye cine dlu...haha
tak caye..?? usha picxis ckitt derr...

tak prnah jammed cmni dowh..huu
time lunch..kne keje OT...

owh aku takde dlm pixci coz aku kan cameragurl yg bertauliah..
ahaha.. :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011


i don't mind sharing.. but can u spare some time for me to spend it with u..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

gong xi 2x !

ari ni g umah uncle ah Ming..! as usual for every year lah... kutipp ang pau...!!

siap2 before pergi kutip angpau

with my sis

maen snooker kat bilik snooker at uncle ah ming's house
(also menda yg wajib kne buat every year) haha

ade lg picxi..but its in my brother's phone..nnt lah update lagi...
toodless.. ^_^
awak saya punya..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


pagi td..aku bgun dengan dada yg berdegup agak kencang.. nk tau nape..? aku mimpi weyh..! baek punye..... aku mimpi.........aku ilang kan superbike ahmad..! ahahaha...
blh plak aku mimpi cmtu kan.. isk2... mcm2 la kau iRaJo....

actually panjang lg mimpi tu.. ahaha.. tp...takpe laa..aku ingat sowang2 la...

kat ahmad pun aku tak crte lg..hahaha
t aku story cmne reaksi die after aku crte kat die..


Saturday, January 22, 2011

help me..

nk anti-virus baru... uhuhuhu

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

do i looked messed up ?

membe aku ckp..aku cm tak keruan this past 2-3 days..
i don't wear my lip balms anymore.. ini kan pula blusher..
they said i looked like a mess.. tudung serabai gle time keje..
plus, they think i should meet him right away before im totaly lost..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

won't talk about u ever again

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


woot.. woot..
dah seminggu gua berkerja di KK Tupai, Taiping.. alhamdulilah.. everythings fine.. tak mcm time mule2 msuk dulu.. cume bnyk keje la derr.. adoi...
this weekend gua tak balik ipoh..
so we'll juz see what im gonna do this weekend in the city of Rain, Taiping..huuu..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

angau lgggggg

sedang khusyuk menyampoo rambut..
tertbe gua teringat..
ari ni ari khamis..
woi..! iRa jo...! hang lupa kaa...??
awat tak p beli tiket bas..
esk nk balik ipoh weyh..!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

owh tekanan

gua tau gua bru msuk klinik tuk 2 hari..tp gua rse perit nye nk tahan 8jam tu cm 2 tahun lame nye.. gua pun tau..gua ni student je.. so..jgn laa expect gua & teman2 buat keje sepantas kilat yg menyambar prescription2 & filling cm student2 yg dah lame ade kat citu..

gua tak expect pun lu org trime gua & teman2 dgn hati yg terbuka dan senyuman yg lebar gle babi kannn....! tp sekadar senyuman sinis & tak mengata dr blakang pun dah cukup laa derr... kteowg tak minta lebeyh..

aku tau..bkn sume yg wat taik.. tapi bak kate gua.. krne lu seowg, rosak sefarmasi.. hahahaha

isk2... mmg gua tak bpe tenang buat seketika..ahmad ckp ..Sabar je laa.. nnt2 ok la tu.. hurm...
pape ah... Happy thoughts 2x...!

Monday, January 3, 2011

first date

haha... yeala tu first date.. dah bpe bnyk date dahh pun..tak ingat daa..
cume first date as an official couple..bru td.. hehe
yeala..lame tak jumpe.huhu

pg tgk movie hantu kak limah tu.. hahahaha..! bapak tak bleyh blah.. dr start cter smpy habis.. acit ckp perak je koje nye.. hahaha
sumpah lawak...

okey2.. it was a short date...mse mencemburui kami..ahaha.. ngade.. lgpun esk pagi keje.. nk kne bgun awal la derr... huhu
td after movie..,singgah kdy makan jap.. minum2..borak2 kjap ngn ahmad tersayang.. haha
lpas dah msuk keta..bru teringat hadiah yg aku dah beli tuk die ade dlm handbag aku..isk2..plan nk bg mse mkn td..blh plak terlupe..hadoii...

so...sebelum die tekan padel minyak.. aku pun ckp.. kjap sayang..! haha
aku buka beg.. die tertbe pjam mate.. ahahahaha... tau2 je aku ade beli hadiah for bday die.. :)

so..aku bg laa kotak polo tu kat die.. dr excited die terkjut.. coz die ingat aku memain kut.. haha
pape lah... mmg dah lame nk beli..tggu bday awak je syg.. ^_^

so..awak happy.. saya lg happy tgk awk happy dpt wallet baru...
saya sayang awak ahmad..!
jgn layan kegedikan2 yg mendatang..melainkan sy yg gedik..hahahaha...
nk gedik ngn sape lg.. kannn baby....