Thursday, January 19, 2012


i'm experiencing feelingless...
are there such word..?

u & i

sedang syok gle layan lagu YOU & I..
dah mesti la lagu from Cik Gaga...
lagu best..sweet..sgt best if dgr lirik die btul2..
but after "tertengok" the video clip..
dahi aku..
the fun part of the video was when Gaga ngah berlari2 cm Hussin (from hantu kak limah)
hahahaha... i would laugh like hell if tgk that part.. :D
for those yg tak open lnsung must mengucap pnjang..
i did watch the whole video..
lpas tu..
dah tak rase nk tgk lnsung dah..
if kuar kat,
my hands would automatically tukar chanel..
ish2.. haha.. (^o^)
rase nye..alejandro ngn born this way lg melampau kutt.. (=_=)
but smpai skang..
aku suke video telephone..
ignore the censored part lah..!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


okey~ juz started this post wit a big hhmmmmmpphhhhh~
bukan ape..juz fed up ngn my life ryte now.
keje tak..
study tak..
duk umah je..
most of my frens punye poket ngah berkepuk2 duet..
evry month, duet masuk.
tp kne ingat jugak la..
they earn that money by working they butts off.
mmg laa abah bg aku duet evrytime aku nak..
but..rase cm useless..
bukan nye takde qualification.
i got a freaking Diploma in Pharmacy for God sake.
if i work, evry month , kurang2 dah blh dapat 1500- 2K dah.
abah nk aku smbung blaja.
i know, it's for my own future..
but why is it so hard to further.
fuckup ngn board of pharmacy kat malaysia ni.
help ur own students la.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 'o' clock

the first time i heard this song
goosebumps okeyyy~

open cut

bru lpas on phone with him dgn tears menari2 kat pp bagai.
this diamond heart still have a soft spot
which only a diomand can cut it.
didn't talk much,
juz berterus terang bout what we had.
maybe we can work this out.
i hope so.
i hope u would be the last man in my life.
pliz stay
with me
yg sgt childish sometimes
i'll try to grow up.
i promise.

diamond bukan batu

Hari ni..tersangat hurt with what he did.
since im with u, my heart jd cm berbunga2 bagai.
but i knew,
deep down inside..
"this here wouldn't last forever"
maybe thats why i juz go with it jugak.
lame2.. u've changed..
and me as well..
kat dlm ni sakit sangat.
my heart yg berbunga2 bagai tu..
dah tukar jd keras as batu.
or u can also described it as diamond la kot.
coz its hard.
my eyes were like paip air..
u know..snang je mencurahkan air..
without perlu bayar bil air.
the tears are slowly getting kering.
i do cry.. but it won't last...
mcm dulu2.
like i said..
my heart dah jd keras as diamond.