Sunday, January 8, 2012

diamond bukan batu

Hari ni..tersangat hurt with what he did.
since im with u, my heart jd cm berbunga2 bagai.
but i knew,
deep down inside..
"this here wouldn't last forever"
maybe thats why i juz go with it jugak.
lame2.. u've changed..
and me as well..
kat dlm ni sakit sangat.
my heart yg berbunga2 bagai tu..
dah tukar jd keras as batu.
or u can also described it as diamond la kot.
coz its hard.
my eyes were like paip air..
u know..snang je mencurahkan air..
without perlu bayar bil air.
the tears are slowly getting kering.
i do cry.. but it won't last...
mcm dulu2.
like i said..
my heart dah jd keras as diamond.

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