Saturday, January 14, 2012


okey~ juz started this post wit a big hhmmmmmpphhhhh~
bukan ape..juz fed up ngn my life ryte now.
keje tak..
study tak..
duk umah je..
most of my frens punye poket ngah berkepuk2 duet..
evry month, duet masuk.
tp kne ingat jugak la..
they earn that money by working they butts off.
mmg laa abah bg aku duet evrytime aku nak..
but..rase cm useless..
bukan nye takde qualification.
i got a freaking Diploma in Pharmacy for God sake.
if i work, evry month , kurang2 dah blh dapat 1500- 2K dah.
abah nk aku smbung blaja.
i know, it's for my own future..
but why is it so hard to further.
fuckup ngn board of pharmacy kat malaysia ni.
help ur own students la.

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