Sunday, June 19, 2011


aku bru lpas chatting ngn kawan dr Taiping..a farmasi staff.. die crte.. pmpuan nie..klau dah merajuk..susah nk pujuk.. tp die slalu sabar je pujuk gf die.. sayang sgt3 dah kate nye.. & rancang nk kahwin next year.. insyaallah laa..... makes me feel happy but at the same time.. i wish i could have the same thing but.. not all guys are the same.. & i wouldn't want that to happen either..

maybe we need to go through many kinds of guys/girls in life to be with the right person..

i've been with lots of wrong guys.. but i'll never regret it.. they have teach me a lot of things in life..& be more matured..

well..i hope i am... haha..

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