Sunday, April 17, 2011

good morning

good morning people..
well i've finished my MUET exam was a relieve..! seriously..
although "he" thinks that it is not that important..,it is still important to me..
so thank you for not giving me the support that i've always gave you my dear.

owh..what the heck... i've been so used with ur attitude.. always leaving me behind..
sometimes i don't even know who u are to me.. And WHO AM I TO U..?
i really miss the old days..
sometimes i wished i never knew that i wouldn't get hurt again..

it has been about a month that we haven't see each other..
ur always bz..& im always free..
maybe thats why i felt so fuckup..
maybe i need to be busier than u..
so i can forget bout u for a while..

or maybe i should left u..
but i still love u my dear..

it's Sunday..
i'd thought of going out for breakfast with u..
but u still must be sleeping..
or u would reply..
"i have some other thing to do today"

so i won't ask u out..
coz i don't want to be hurt..

i'm trying to ignore u my dear..
i hope we can still be together..
even though i walk in ur shadows..

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