Saturday, June 27, 2009

Black Star.....!!


Black Star is a fruity floral fragrance that combines the delicate scents of the pink hibiscus flower with addictively delicious black plum and dark chocolate!
The notes blend to create a swirling, sparkling cloud of fragrance, for a truly energetic scent!
Avril about the fragrance: “When I created the scent, I knew the fragrance had to have dark chocolate… I was thrilled to be able to incorporate such an unexpected element into Black Star.”corporate such an unexpected element into Black Star.”

The Bottle & Packaging:

Black Star’s bottle takes on a unique and striking star shape. This beautiful faceted bottle comes with an unexpected twist – a removable studded ring accessory - to capture Avril’s distinctive rock-glam style – a perfect fusion of punk and pretty. Further celebrating Avril’s punk flair, the Black Star outer-packaging was inspired by her favorite studded leather wrist band.
Avril about the bottle: “I really love unexpected combinations like pink and black… and fun accessories like stars and studs. This is what you'll see in my perfume bottle. In fact, I almost wanted the bottle to become an accessory so the studded collar you see is actually a removable ring that people can hang around things like necklaces.”

Looking forward to buying your own Black Star fragrance?

Check out when it will be available in your country: From July 1, it will be in stores in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. From August 1, you can find it in stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.
Black Star will launch in United Kingdom and Romania in September. And what about United States? Black Star will be available in the US in Fall 2009. (Unfortunately, there are no samples available yet but stay tuned!)We will let you know soon when it will be available in other countries!


kowang agak2 kan...wangi tak perfuem nieyh..?? then..agak2 jugak laa..harge die bpe..? huuu~

tp lame lg je nk ampy malaysia..uhuhu.. ehm..nk kirim dr akak sdre aku ke..hmm~

ngah pk = (@,@)


  1. pergh! nmpak cm xklusif je...
    ntah bile la bleh smpai sni ni...

  2. aku tau knape ko suke sgt....sbb kaler pink

  3. that's one of the reasons laa...b'coz its PINK..!!
    tp..main reason nye..aku minat avril weyh..!! stating dr zaman die bdk skate ag aku dah mmg minat dier..tgk r.. itunes dlm laptop aku pnuh lgu die..huu~~