Friday, December 31, 2010

the end = juz begin

3jan nie dah kne start practical blik.. ah..! keje laa sebenarnye kann...
mmg malas..! haish.. esk p kl.. my cousin bernikah.. off to taiping where it will be my current city for 4months..
i think i will be happy for 1 week je kut coz after that .. Ahmad kne g smbung blaja kat sg. buloh..
sish..!! taksuke2...! huhu... sorry baby..
sedih je sbnrnye..
well i hope u can futher in TPN & CDR tu.. pastu jd Boss blik ea..
haha.. ^_^

okey2... 2010 nie..mcm2 happened...!
but it will all become memories..

Sweet & sour Memories...!

kan dearrr..?? hahaha
well, u started it kan Ahmad..??
sweetsour telur 1/2 masak..?

bnyk nk cte but i don't have the time yet..
till then bloggy..!

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