Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Is Me Now

Halo bloggy, lama tak menulis.. busy sgt dgn my bachelor's course. i've been trying sooo hard nk suceed each semester, alhamdulillah, aku nk blaja FREE kat Unikl MICEt they said..

"what u give is what u get"

Actually, dah lama lupa bout my bloggy, td tbe2 my fren tnye pasal blog and i was like.. 
"owh, aku ade blog kott.. tp dah lama tak update anything.."
 plus, jarang on lappy juz to update blog.. on lappy juz tuk wat assgments and mini projects.. gosh, busy3x...
skang dah semester 4..
cepat kannnn....!!

Juz now, saje flashback all my posts in bloggy.. hahaha..
funny nye..& sumtime, tak tringat pun pnah update psl menda2 mcm tu.
nampak sgt tak brape matured at that particular time..
yes, i'm no longer a free hair girl.

Bile umur dah meningkat nie, dah blh pk mane baek, & mane buruk..
But, i never regret anything that i've done before coz that's what makes me who I am today.
Plus, dah duk jauh ckit from family, kne pandai jaga diri..
Although my frens are there to support me, we need to look up for each other jgk kannn..

This is last semester btw.

Sebenarnye, tgh buat assgment ni, Reaction Engineering..
~Production of Ammonia~
okey, toodles bloggy..

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