Saturday, December 12, 2009


today...12/12/2009.. bersamaan ngn birthday kawan aku.. Cik Siti Nur Fariqian Afifa.. Happy birthday sayang..! nnt aku anta tepung & telur yea..hehe.. gak..kakak one of my best fren nye knduri kawin.. Akak Biha.. so i went there wit my famili xcept for abah,he's in Medan..coz..we are quite close.. soo...i really2 miss B coz lame kowt tak jumpe..huhu.. We hug each other n started babbling bout how long we haven't hang out together..

Then..B suh trus g makan coz rmy owg kowt..! & the weather was freakingly hot..! uhuhu.. mse ngah makan wit my famili.. B dtg ngn Taty..Eja.. & syed.. omg.. rindu gle.. huhu..
erm..mmg janggal..coz its been a while since i met him.. hmm... okey..! that's a different story..!

after kjap ngn dowang..but i have to make a move.. yeala..i came wit my famili.. if they go..i have to go too..huhu..
but it's nice seeing them.. ingatkan nk tggu membe2 lain dtg..but mama nk blik.. pe nk wat kan~
kay~ now i miss my college frens..huhu..

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